Past Weekend events – December 2016


For those that didn’t know, the weekend just gone, was Malvern’s Fundraising sausage sizzle at Chadstone Bunnings.

It was a bit sporadic on sales day but the weather was great and also a good chance to catch up/ meet lacrosse people.

Special mentions to Anne Marie and Lachlan Cook, Mary Martin, Nina Reid, Richard, James and Riley Suffolk for assistance with the Bunnings BBQ today.
The assistance they provided raised $558.98 for the club.

This is very comforting knowing Malvern members are willing to help out to give the club a chance to raise some money.

***An extra special mention goes out to Tarryn Suffolk for organizing the event.
Without her commitment from ordering sausages, cutting up onions (thanks Richard), filling in the time slots and pretty much everything in between, it wouldn’t have been possible.
Tarryn has been making sure that over the past few years ‘sausage sizzles’ have been a great success.

It has not gone unnoticed the time and effort you dedicate making it happen and is very grateful for your efforts!

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