Latest News – 7th May 2019


So we have a number of members who have completed their RSA courses
which entitles them to ‘serve’ behind the bar in accordance with state law.
If you’re interested in participating and sharing the load follow the link and register your interest.
(Penne Mithen)
Thank you in advance

Past Players Day!!

As you know, each year we always like to celebrate Past Players Day and this is no exception..

The President of the Malvern Lacrosse Club would like to invite you to the annual


Malvern Lacrosse Club will be holding the annual Alaimo Cup game against Surrey Park in conjunction with the Past Players Day at the Clubrooms (behind the Malvern Town Hall) on Saturday May 25th

The State League game starts at 2.45pm
Come along and have a laugh with some old friends, teammates and rivals.
Drinks and Hot Food will be available throughout the day.
Please contact and or forward this invitation to any of your past team mates.


We will be having a fundraiser for Mitchell Baker as part of his efforts in making the U23 Aussie Lacrosse Team.
Make sure you hang around and help Mitch raise some funds with raffles etc as he has a big cost to cover to get over there.
Should be a good night at the club so we’d love to see you there!!

(Did hear a whisper he was going to sign the national anthem?)

Quick Stick Program

Quick Stix is a free flowing form of lacrosse for kids to start learning the game. It is simple to teach and learn, and a perfect sport for primary school children.
Quick Stix focuses on the three basic lacrosse skills: scooping, catching and throwing. From this starting point, kids can move onto team play and game rules. In other words, kids learn to love the sport before they take on its technicalities.
Our teaching guide is a big part of the success of Quick Stix in schools. Instructors may use the guide to make sessions easier or harder, to suit what their kids can do. The guide explains different skill levels and tactic variations. And it gives examples of how to keep kids engaged.
Let’s get playing!
Follow this link!…..

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