Latest News 4th June 2019

RSA Course

A good turn out for the first group that attended last week and we have the option for a 2nd and ‘FINAL’ day to get yours!

The council will hold an additional RSA course on the following day….
Wednesday 12th June.

Anyone who has completed their course, can you email a copy to Karen for her to print, or alternatively ‘bring’ up a copy for the folder behind the bar.
(Probably 2nd option as Karen gets enough to fill in her day)

Enroll with your show of interest to complete an RSA course to Penne Mithen at Stonnington City Council



Along with our online store, we have the following items for sale at the Club.

ECD Mesh Kits                                    $35.00
Maverik Lacrosse Bags                      $85.00 see attached picture below

All this and ‘select items’ of clothing left.
We are now embracing the ‘shop Online’ option to reduce the space taken up as in previous years.
We are taking steps to make ‘selling and supplying merchandise’, run more efficiently with a quick turn around.
Items will be added to the shop as we agree on a style and you will be notified of any new range ASAP!
For example… Track pants (style for older guys) is coming soon and then once the Women & ‘younger ones’ give us the OK on their chosen style, we will also have a version for them as well.<

Click the link below to see what’s available today!

Payment Plans!

Please make sure that if you have entered into a ‘Payment Plan’ that you are meeting the requirements you agreed to. Just avoids us chasing you and reminding you.

Thanks in advance

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