Latest News – 4th December 2018

Box Lacrosse

Hi all.

Christmas time approaching fast and while we may not be in the usual season but lacrosse is still getting played in different formats by juniors and seniors with SILL and Box Lacrosse

Don’t know if anyone has been down to see the Box Lacrosse at Altona on Wednesday night but it’s a fast paced game that gets the blood pumping.
Great for your skills and developing ‘awareness’ of your opposition players in a confined space.

A lot of the best players in the world play both styles of lacrosse being that of ‘Field & Indoor’ (Box) which brings me to the following link below..

This is just to ‘see’ how many players that fit the criteria, might be interested in an opportunity like this.

Nothing concrete as yet but this would be a great experience if Rick gets a response in the ‘positive’.

Have a look, see what you think.

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