Latest News – 24 June 2019


So for those that aren’t aware, last Saturday we had a visiting women’s team from the USA.
It was a pretty cold and muddy affair but the women played on regardless.
Our local girls got the upper hand at the end of the game but the visitors were very appreciative of having the game at Malvern.

Once inside, they were fed everything from Pasta Bake,hot potatoes and dare I say the now ‘infamous’ hot chips!
To the visitors this was comfort food and their coaches were very grateful for providing a feed to their players.

Just when they thought it couldn’t be any better, David Neander asked me the question..”How many scarves do we have?”
I said “Not sure, they are in the Merchandise cupboard if you want to see”.
He then comes back with ’26’ scarves!!
Puzzled I asked “What’s this for?”
He said ‘Something for the girls to remember their time here!”
Gobsmacked as were the people around at the time as he purchased them for the visiting team and coaches.

Just wanted to say on behalf of all the members at Malvern Lacrosse, “Thank you Dave, as that was a very generous act to do for the team”

The smiles on their faces and a few curious questions of “How can we come and play here?”
It just shows how a simple gesture can transform into potential recruits for our girls/womens teams in the near future!

Once again, David that was a truly generous offer and we are still in awe!

Next time you see him, let him know of your gratitude!

(Sorry Dave, hacked your FB for a pic!)

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