Latest News – 22nd April 2019

Business as usual…with a twist!

So by now you’re familiar with the Tuesday/Thursday training session with kids at 5pm on Thursday…..Well just for a change of pace we are now doing Tuesday/Wednesday for this week only!!

Fantastic News and everyone is invited as per usual!!

Yeah thats a little bit too much build up so BASICALLY….
For THIS WEEK ONLY, we are training Tuesday and Wednesday due to ANZAC Day being on Thursday.

Same stuff as a Thursday but 1 day earlier.

Hope to see you there……….”WEDNESDAY”

Meal Times

Due to lack of numbers in juniors due to different training venues etc, there will be only ‘1’ sitting for Dinners until further Notice
Approx 7:45pm – 8pm kick off.

Will keep you informed if this changes in the near future.

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