Latest News – 20th June 2019

Alphabet Party

13th July Clubrooms

Thats the night when we get to dress up and have some fun at the club.
All you gotta do is see Gaz and get yourself a ‘LETTER’ which will get your mind racing as to ‘what could I be?’

Prizes for the best dressed and some fun throughout the night!
Make sure you’re there and drag up some friends!

As you can see above left… Josh Naughton didn’t quite get the
‘Tony Stark IRONMAN look down pat but hey!…Points for trying

Merchandise Order

So hopefully you are aware of our ‘online store’ now up and running.
To try and beat the rush of ‘Vic teams’ (Southern,Fire/Ice) clogging up the wait time soon, we are going to do a once of ‘club order’
This will be the best chance you have of getting your gear before the rush sets in.
See Tarryn if interested and give her your order for what you want.
Everything can be found online so have a look and get busy!
If we can get all orders in by Thursday next week, we’ll be able to send it off straight away!


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