Latest News – 19th November 2019

BBQ you say?

Just when you thought it was safe to put your ‘Lacrosse hat’ away till next year….Wrong!
Even in the ‘off season’, the club still functions with members participating in Aussie/Vic teams, Box Lax, Pace, SILL and Clinics just to name a few.

Spring/Summer is the best time to target prospective sponsors and to get the ‘brand’ out in the public eye.
You never know where the next potential member could come from..

So once again we are putting out the call for volunteers to help assist in one of the ways we generate funds to help the club.
The BBQ!!…God love em.

8th December Chadstone Bunnings
Please look at the link below and ‘tick’ a box if you can help.

More (Gloved) hands means less work for others.

To quote the Great One..
“Thank you in advance”  ; )

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