What a challenge! A hundred years of proud lacrosse.

Supported by the many workers, players and supporters of one of the great cubs, without them, the Malvern Lacrosse Club would never have got off the ground.


This history is dedicated to all who have “belonged” to the Malvern Lacrosse Club. If you have belonged you will probably find your name somewhere in this history. It is not a matter of what anyone did but rather that we all belong to a great club and indeed the game.


Read this as a memento of the past, present and maybe future of this great club.

Keith Chamberlain.

May I take this opportunity to thank Keith Chamberlain who compiled the history of the Malvern Lacrosse Club and to thank all the people that helped supply Keith with over 100 years worth of material that went to produce these records.


Finally, if there are errors in spelling of names, incorrect scores or anything else that is felt to be incorrect, please accept that this was compiled in good faith and no infraction was intended. Please report any amend errors for later editions.