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When you look at the running cost of our club you soon find that we don’t have enough money coming in to help develop the juniors in the way we wish to.   That’s what the 100 club is designed to achieve.
Each year the club looks at the running cost, Lacrosse Victoria fees, Council ground hire, power, etc. and set the fees to help cover the majority but not all of the costs. It is then up to club events like Past Player day and other functions plus bar taking to bring in the rest of the money required to meet the clubs running costs.
Over the last decade, the club has barely broken even each year leaving no money to invest in the juniors.
The 100 club was formed to help the club develop its juniors with a couple of requirements.
  • All money to be held in a separate bank account by the club so as to make sure what money is raised does not get absorbed into the general running of the club.
  • Funds are to be spent on only junior development.
  • Transparency with where the funds are being spent, which will be relayed to all contributors via email no more than 3 times a year.
I’m sure we all agree that in order for the club to survive we need a good number of new juniors each year and I hope that you will consider becoming a member of the 100 Club so this can be achieved.
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In return for an annual membership fee, you’ll receive your own membership scarf
Malvern Lacrosse 100 Club