⚠️Update – Grandstand Works⚠️

It is with regret, that I advise you that we have temporarily suspended Thursday night dinners.

It is becoming increasingly obvious to us, that there is additional works being undertaken to upgrade the kitchen, as well as the hot water system during ‘Grandstand Works’.

Safety and enjoyment for those behind the bar won’t be compromised.

In this case there is a disconnect between the Project Manager and Sport and Recreations team. ( they work in Silos and not a cross functional manner).


Thursday 18th and 25th July.

We will reassess at that point and decide on a pathway forward.

Please note that everything you are thinking has already been felt by us:

– Is this ordinary (yes)
– does it inconvenience us (yes)
– is this a battle (yes)
– is there a disconnect between council and contractors (yes)
– have we got the raw end of the deal (yes)
– are we working with Sport and Rec. to build a strong and sustainable relationship (yes)

A current draft list of short / medium and long term wishes for the club, has already been established, and we can only hope when Stephen Bown and myself meet with council to present this that the inconvenience provides some leverage to fast track our list.

More information will be provided as it comes to hand,

With thanks,

Adam Barnes
Secretary 2019

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