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Club History – Part 2

The next Annual General Meeting, according to the minute book, was held at the Malvern Town Hall on Wednesday, 5th April, 1905. The President elected on this occasion was Dr. Hugh Murray, with Mr. Schafe again as Secretary. Mr. Jim Barrie, who returned as a supporter of the club many years later was elected to the General Committee on this occasion. A list showing approximately forty names appears in the minute book, those concerned being club members of that time. A number of these persons were also known to Frank Lansbury and were still associated with the club in 1920 when he first became a member. Amongst the members were Jack and Mel Beattie (killed in the first World War), the Ellis family, one of whom (Jack), played cricket for Australia as a wicket keeper, members of the Page family whose original shop was still running as “Nurserymans” in High Street in 1972, Mr. R. Fripp and his brother Sam who donated the photograph of teams in the early 1900’s that hang in the club rooms and Vince Healy who was subsequently President of the club for many years.

The third annual meeting of the club was held in the Malvern Town Hall on 11th April, 1907. On this occasion a Mr. P.R. Joske was elected as President, Mr. Schafe again being elected Secretary. It is interesting to note that in those days many influential people, including a number of gentlemen with Knighthoods, were either Patrons or Vice-Presidents of the club. Mr. W.B. House was elected President at the annual meeting of 19th March, 1908, Mr. Schafe being re-elected as Secretary. Frank remembered Mr. House, who died in 1941, as an elderly gentleman with a beard such as was worn by the male sex in 1973. His initials were

Malvern Lacrosse PlayerW.B. and he was aptly known as “Weather Board” House. At the meeting held in 1909 reference is made to the increase in membership and a suggestion that sticks be obtained to be given to juniors from the local state schools (Spring Road and Tooronga Road). The sixth annual meeting was held in the Malvern Town Hall on 2nd March, 1910, when Mr. House was elected President and Mr. Schafe again secretary. One item of note in the minutes of this meeting reads “The D Team commenced splendidly but unfortunately dissent arose in their ranks and spoiled whatever chance they might otherwise have had in the Premiership”. (Apparently things were no better in those days!) Annual general meetings continued to be held each year (27th March, 1911; 16th April, 1912; 10th April, 1913; 16th April, 1914; 31st March, 1915) but as previously mentioned, records from 1916 to 1930 are missing. Details of all annual meetings from 1931 to date are available in the respective minute books. In 1931 the meeting was held in the Pavilion at the Malvern Cricket Ground (where the club still runs to-day) on Wednesday, 11th March. Mr. V. P. Healy was President and occupied the chair; there being thirty-one members, including Frank Lansbury, present. Mr. Healy was elected President for the ensuing season and Mr. Fred Smith as Honorary Secretary. Also at this meeting Mr. Healy was elected as a Life Member and presented with a gold medal. Mr. Healy presented the photograph of the 1929 teams, which hangs in the clubrooms, to the club. Mr. Vern Waring retired as Honorary Treasurer and Mr. Ron Heywood was elected to this position for season 1931.

Hugh Wadsworth first appeared on the scene in 1931 being appointed trainer for this season. Several members of the club (including Messrs Fisher, Jenkins and Chambers) were cleared by the club to assist with the formation of the Glen Iris Lacrosse Club (which later became Camberwell/Glen Iris or C.G.I. and is now Camberwell Lacrosse Club) during the season, all of them being resident in Glen Iris, which at the time was a new suburb. The details of every annual general meeting could be included but these formative ones seem appropriate here.