Melbourne Australia

Coaches Code of Behaviour

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  • Remember that players participate for pleasure and winning is only part of the fun.
  • Never ridicule or yell at a player for making a mistake.
  • Be reasonable in your demands on players’ time, energy and enthusiasm.
  • Operate within the rules and spirit of the game and teach your players to do the same.
  • Ensure that the time players spend with you is a positive experience.
  • Avoid overplaying the talented players, the’ other players also love the game and deserve equal time.
  • Display control, respect and professionalism to all involved and encourage players to do the same.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person regardless of their gender, ability or cultural background.

The aim of the Code of Conducts is to provide an enjoyable, comfortable, safe and rewarding environment for all people associated with the Malvern Lacrosse Club.