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Latest News

Round 1 reports seniors

State League

First Game of 2016 ,State League played Eltham away.
16 players selected I was confident of a good showing first up.
Pre season had been very solid and promising but now we play for the 4 points.
We were a little slow to get going with quite a bit of unforced error occurring.
Momentum was hard to get going with lots of shots on goal for little result.
Down 7-1 at the half we came out with a lot more smarts and were able to get back into the game.
We had a few real good passages of what we are capable of but we continually let ourselves down with Poor Passing and Shooting.
At the siren we were down 10-6 and a loss first up was not what we were chasing.
Positive to take out was that we as a team are very very capable, and will Win big games if we work harder on our skills and decision making.
Next Week. Surrey Park at Home

Div 1

Heading into round 1 v Altona was always going to be a challenging first up encounter.
Additionally with players unavailable / injured we needed to be creative with our teams.
A real boost for confidence was Anthony Bossisto who committed to play (goals) and after an unfortunate walkover to us for Div 3, we headed into the game with a full bench and confidence.
As the game unfolded, we were in a real wrestle, defensively we were solid, through the midfield we matched Altona and our attack maintained ball control.
Heading into the last quarter it was 4-4 and we just couldn’t find that ‘X’ factor to put the score on the board in the last quarter.
In the end it was an unfortunate 5-7 loss.
The outlook is bright, particular after round 2 and the return of many players.
Bring on Eltham at Eltham.

B grade women

On Sunday the girls ‘headed out over the hills and far away’ to Eltham for their first B grade game. With a new found rivalry after beating Eltham in overtime last year the girls came to win.
The girls played well as they dusted off their sticks. Nina and Tarryn were solid in defence while Leanne made some great saves. Anne-marie made her comeback to lacrosse and the team welcomed 2 new players to the field, Miss Paige Curry and Mrs. Kate Walker.
The girls played a solid game and it was clear from the start Eltham weren’t going to make it easy. They worked hard to take the lead but unfortunately lost it in the second half when Eltham came out strong. Our talk was up and our team work was strong in the first half as we used the sun to our advantage. We finished our first game of the year with a draw. It was a great first game which highlighted our strengths and some things we need to work on at training during the week. As we continue to improve and flourish this year, 2016 looks like a strong and successful year for the Malvern B grade girls team.
Kudos to Paige and her first goal in her first game, Tarryn and Ninas solid defence, Sarah for not injuring herself in the high altitude conditions and Brooke, Sarah and Emma for out running everyone.

Div 3

Unfortunately were given a walkover from Altona

Round 1 juniors

Under 11

Well 2016 is here and like most years a marginally changed team from last year headed to Caulfield for round 1.
After some solid pre season work we headed into the game accompanied by a couple of players from Chadstone (Alastair and Jasper) who needed a home for a few weeks.
We played games against Camberwell and Caulfield, and with an even distribution from our experienced players as well as our newbies we had a great first hit out.
Special mention to Toby and Seth on there first games for the red and black.
Next week Eltham at Chadstone

U15 girls

The girls didn’t have enough numbers for a stand alone team so have merged with Caulfield and Chadstone to play as Eastside.
In the team for Malvern we have, Brooke, Meg, Emma, Sarah, Paige, Danielle and Zoe.
Our first game back was up against a strong Newport side. The girls played hard and had a lot of the ball but it was Newport that had the better shooting accuracy on the day.
The final score was 3-11 with Sarah scoring 2 goals and Emma 1

Coaches can we get your reports in ASAP for next week please