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Latest News


Just a little bit of info this week for all concerned.
We have been given a temporary venue for the next few weeks in regard to the Council “oversowing” the Town Hall ground.
This will take some time as the cricketers are still in finals this weekend.
We are to conduct training at Percy Treyvaud Reserve in Chadstone on Monday and Wednesday Nights from 6 – 8pm.
This is Chadstone Lacrosse’s home ground for those unaware and they have been fitted with new lights meaning we can train for a longer period of time.
As soon as we have been given the “all clear” from the council, we will return to the Town Hall on a regular Tuesday/Thursday as since the dawn of time.. :)

Juniors (Boys & Girls) are also at Chadstone Monday for the time being but are more than welcome to come Wednesdays if they want to train with senior players.
(It’s a great experience to train with seniors as they share ‘tips’ to improve your game)

House Rules:

The whisper is out….William Leong A.K.A “HOUSE” is to be congratulated on making the U23 Australian Lacrosse Team!
Along with Steven Fisher as Assistant Coach, they will be representing Australia in the upcoming Competition in Bangkok,Thailand 4th July – 11th July 2015.
We wish “HOUSE” all the very best as he puts on the ‘green & gold’ and know that he will perform well on the world stage!

Keeping Updated:

At Malvern Lacrosse there are many forms in which we get the message out to members.
We have Facebook – Instagram – Team App – Twitter and of course email via
‘Malvern Mail’.
If you’re not on 1 or all of them, we invite you to join up so you don’t miss any news as it comes to hand and if your friends haven’t signed up…give them a nudge! : )

**Special welcome to Zac (#232) & Romy Ansell (#233) to Malvern Mail this week!

Next week stay tuned for a big Malvern Mail with more reports and info coming straight to you…..and Gus, get some chicken soup into you.  ; )