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Latest News

…AGM Results…

For those that didn’t attend the AGM, you might not be aware of who’s who at Malvern next year. So here’s the wrap up:

General Committee

Sarah Bown – Tarryn Suffolk

Adam Barnes – Billy Exton.

Sarah & Tarryn returning again and ‘Newbies’ Adam & Billy round out the core group.

President –

Treasurer –

Secretary –

No, this isn’t a ‘typo’, the 3 main roles were left vacant due to no interest!

That’s pretty sad I think especially with all the success we had this year at the club.

Club of the Year,Coach of the year,U17 & U15 Premiers, senior teams all making finals, Womens Team Runners up and U11’s take out the Gymkhana.

Also one of the BEST run Grand Final days seen for a long time (as stated from other clubs)

Those 3 positions will be seen out until December as Gary, Karen & James have work commitments taking them elsewhere and cannot return 2016 in their roles.


SO.. all is not lost, there is still time to take that ‘leap of faith’ and take on a role and help the club continue its momentum in 2016.

You will not be thrown to the sharks but will have many avenues of support from previous members who have been in that job at the club.

You can send an email of interest to with your nomination and the club will be extremely grateful.



playerAs in most years, we get a lot of interest from players overseas wanting to play at our club. If we took everyone that was interested we’d be as full as a fat spider. Plain and simple is we can’t, due to restrictions on how many internationals are allowed to play in SL.

To add to that, they would also be interested in working here and having a place to stay. Each year the same few offer jobs and accommodation but we’d like to put it out to all members to see if anyone can help.

If you have a bungalow or spare room that is sitting idle and are able to help, we’d be interested in talking to you. Same goes for work! If you have a job on offer at your company or workplace we’d be interested in talking to you.

At the moment we have 1 player arriving on December 2nd.

His name is Eddie Vita and has been keen to come to Malvern since the middle of this year!

If you can help please contact



Box Lacrosse


Get off your couch and come on down to see some very entertaining lacrosse being played! With all the hype from the WILC recently held, there has been an renewed interest in the ‘indoor game’.

The ‘Box Lacrosse’ season starts on Saturday, November 7 (this Saturday!)

All games are held at Puckhandlers Stadium, Reservoir with senior games scheduled for 6:30 and 8:30.

For the first time this year, an Under 15 Competition will be scheduled between the two senior games, with an anticipated start time of 7:40.

All Under 15 players include anyone who was eligible for the 2015 Lacrosse Victoria Field Season.

…female spectators will love it as Gosling works the smolder.. ; )