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Latest News

Club News

Just a quick update on what’s news 

Shall we mention subs again?

Unfortunately we shall. The majority has been good but their are a couple dragging their feet so see Karen and get it sorted ASAP please.


Spit Roast night

$12.50 per head or $40 family.

We must get numbers in to cater, so can all coaches get some indication from parents and players that will be attending.

Easiest way is to buy a ticket pre-event to make sure your catered for!


2015 Grand Finals Venue

Yes it’s pretty close to Malvern this year…..actually “IT IS AT MALVERN!”

For the first time since the late 60’s, Malvern will be hosting this years Grand Finals. These consist of U17 Girls & Boys and also State League Men’s and Women’s! Hopefully we get to see a couple of our teams representing that day! This will be huge so if you are willing and able to help, please make yourself known to someone at the club of what you can assist with.

Hats off to Gus for getting the event as he has worked with the council to make it happen!  


Barrow of booze.

Filling as we speak! Get your tickets in and if you been a bit tardy on your donation….slip it in this weekend if you can.



Williamstowns Family Day Next Week!

Here are all the game times for the return matches at Williamstown.

WLC 2015 Family Day Fixture
Saturday 8th August, 2015
Time Fearon Reserve Greenwich Reserve
9:30 U13 Cities vs Altona U 13 Fearon vs Footscray
11:00 U 17 vs Malvern/MCC U 15 vs. Malvern/Caulfield
1:00 Div 1 vs Malvern
1:30 Div 3 vs Malvern
2:30 Div 2 vs Moreland
3:00 S/L vs Malvern


Match Reports

State League

Caulfield win 18 to 8

We’ve been up for a few weeks now l guess and that might explain our terrible warm up and start and it took a “small” spray from the coaching staff to get some focus and desire into the players at the quarter time break, but they did respond well and eventually pulled away for a 10 goal win.

We lost Cam Shepherd (Hamstring), Darcy Campbell (Ankle) and Lance Coleman (Groin) all just before the half and as all are long stick defenders James Garrett and Harry Cotter played defence in the second half with pretty good results and with so many poles now injured we will explore Gaz with a long stick a bit more.

I would like to acknowledge the Caulfield team and their terrific desire and drive on their family day and they are far better side than their ladder position displays.

We get back Billy Exton and Josh Naughton this week and that will bolster our scoring power against the well organised Footscray outfit, but a poor start again against such a great side would be tougher to recover from.

Our position in the finals or even if we will be in it is still in our own hands and the next 2 games against Footscray and Williamstown will reveal all in again what has turned out to be a tremendous battle between 5 sides for a top 4 berth.



Div 3

Malvern 16 d Caulfield10

Malvern played Caulfield in a crucial game for both teams in securing a finals spot. After a tight 1st quarter team Currie hit their straps to put Malvern 6 goals in front by 3 quarter time which was the final margin in the end. While Aaron and Brad Currie and Tom Bown Scored 13 goals between them it was a good team game with Paul Keisler in his second game back after 10 years showing he’s still got it.

Goals & Assists: Aaron Currie 8-0, Brad Currie 3-1, Tom Bown 2-0, Rob Lowe 1-0, Tim Laidlaw 1-0, Rod Finnigan 1-0, Paul Keisler 0-2.

Best: Aaron Currie, Tom Bown, Brad Currie, Paul Keisler.

Hi Brad – Feel free to Edit. Wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to add about their player being physical and “naming” him – but the kids did well, held their heads high and kept playing the ball and the game.

Was also a good lesson about running with the ball…



Win 21 – 0

The U17’s had Melb Uni (Black) which is their top team of the two they have.

There is a positive out of having so many players in that age group as it can only bolster their senior ranks in years to come.

With some more years under their belt they will do ok but our boys having been around since U12’s, the difference was obvious.

Fintan went into goals to let Chappy run wild and stretch his legs and all the players had some fun getting rotated positions in the last quarter.

The training will be stepped up this coming thursday to make the boys aware of what’s at stake. For some, it is their last year as a junior and we want to make sure it’s memorable.

Special thanks to Chris Ive for filling in umpiring as Joey was unavailable.   #egg&bacon


A ‘Bye’ this week followed by Williamstown away….#giddyup



U13 Boys

**Editors note: I might have edited & deleted a few sentences due to the ‘passion’ from Tarryn  ; ) #PR

The U13’s ventured to Camberwell – to play Camberwell Blitz a team placed in a similar spot to us on the ladder.

As the teams ran out – there were comments re the size of a couple of their players (edit).

(edit) Joe Shobbrook (probably the smallest player on the field) picked up a ground ball and run us into attack –he drew a foul by putting his body on the line  (delete).

Joe picked himself up, took the penalty – passed the ball off to James Suffolk and we were on the board.

Camberwell manned up well in defence. As soon as we got the ball – two players were on us and the boys were passing the ball off quickly. (delete,delete)

At the quarter time break we were down 2-4. James Arnold scoring our second goal in the quarter from a great pass from Justin Mitchell.

At the start of the 2nd quarter – Camberwell scored two quick goals and took a 2-6 lead. (edit,edit) It was a physical match with hard hits and pushing through in contested ground balls. Malvern/ MCC players then realised that in running with the ball – they could out run their opponents at times. We came back scoring 3 goals – (2 from Brandon Tran following a great dodge and some fancy foot work and the other from Justin Mitchell after a great pick up and run from James Suffolk). At half time we were 5-7.

In the third quarter Will Jackson stepped into goals. He literally put his body on the line – taking a hit to the ankle and stopped a certain goal in what was becoming a close contest. He needed to be subbed out for a rest – with Justin Mitchell stepping in.

We had the ball in attack a lot – but struggled to convert early in the 3rd quarter – James Arnold taking another very solid hit (edit) and at 3 quarter time were 6-9.

In the final quarter we scored a couple of quick goals some coming from Ted Jowett’s solid defence. Picking up several ground balls and running them out of defence and passing them into our attack.

Justin made a vital save at 8-9 and the excitement was building on the side line.


In the last quarter Camberwell were a player down 

Despite giving it their all – Camberwell scored the final two goals and we went down 8-11.

All boys should be proud, they ran hard and gave it their all. There were comments from parents and coaches on the side line – this was their best game this season, with ground balls and running. (edit)

They held their heads high and kept playing the ball.

Next game is a tough one against Eltham – who until this week were top of the ladder undefeated, but you can be guaranteed the boys will give it their all.

James Arnold finished with 3-1, Brandon Tran 3-1 , James Suffolk 1-1, Justin Mitchell 1-1, Joe Shobbrook 0-2.






The U11’s played a home game against Surrey on Saturday.

With a few kids away we played one (1) combined team presenting a good mix to work with.

To their credit, Surrey Park also presented a good team.

We got off to an even start with Liam Barnes and Riley Suffolk scoring in the first quarter, leveling us out at two (2) all at quarter time.

Will Rice stepped up in the second quarter scoring two (2) goals, unfortunately some of the hard work was overshadowed by some basic mistakes and saw us behind by a couple at half time.

Even at this age as long as the kids understand it’s not if you make mistake its how you handle it that makes the difference. (and have fun!)

That they did and ran hard and worked hard for the reminder of the second half.

Jake Sedy, Danielle Mitchell, Julian Mansfield, Amelie Mansfield and Matt Arnold continue to work hard and develop and its a pleasure to see the mateship.

The final whistle, a one (1) goal loss with to (2) weeks to go,

With thanks

Adam Barnes


U13 Girls

The u/13 girls had a tough task against the top of the table Footscray this week, the girls played fantastically and showed so much improvement since last time we played them, Brooke was not 100% but did a fantastic job in defence and around the ground as always. Paige and Meg were awesome as well with Paige giving some excellent feeds and passes. We lost the game but I was super happy with the girls team game and improvement.


U15 Girls

U/15’s came up against Williamstown this week and did exceptionally well, Sarah was all over the ground picking up every ground ball and running into space, Brooke was amazing as usual and Emma made intercepts, shot goals and was everywhere, Meg and Paige did their thing mostly in the forward line, it so great to watch the Malvern girls being a dominant force in this age group, don’t forget girls fire and ice try outs start this week! Good luck xo